March 2009 - Rachelle Adams

I’m attempting something this week that I’ve attempted before, but I’ve never been completely successful at it. So far, today has gone OK. That is only by God’s grace. With each day that passes, however, I know there will be stronger temptations to quit. I’m committed to making it through Friday, though, and I know God will help me do it. I’ll try to post throughout the week and share with you what God is teaching me. I definitely want to post on Saturday or Sunday, because I’m confident I will have at least one thing to share. Because God is awesome, generous, kind, loving, wise, a most excellent teacher, etc., I supsect I will have more than just one thing.

Already, God has placed someone in my life for whom I am truly grateful. She is an answered prayer. She is helping me put some things into the right perspective. She’s helping me grieve and grow. Tonight, she reminded me that I cannot control anyone else’s actions. Through God’s grace, I can work on my own life, but I cannot do anything that will change someone else. Sure, I can impact someone, and I can pray that God will intervene in someone’s life, but I am not responsible for how that person responds or acts. That’s a liberating thought. :O)

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"Hollered" vs. "Hurled"

Back in September/October, I started tutoring a little girl who is in the third grade. We get together once a week so I can help her with her reading. At first, I wasn’t sure if she liked me, and I wasn’t sure if I was really helping her much, but we stuck it out. Over the last couple of months, I have seen more and more progress, and she seems to like reading more and more. It’s been awesome!

I feel I must share with you a happy, yet honestly almost a little sad, moment I had today while tutoring. My tutoree really enjoys the Junie B. books, and we’re now reading our second one, Junie B. and a Little Monkey Business. In this book, Junie B. uses the word “hollered” a lot. The little girl I tutor is from Vietnam, not the south, so she isn’t very familiar with the word “hollered.” For weeks, every time she came to that word, she would say “hurled.” So, instead of reading something like “I hollered” or “she hollered,” she would read “I hurled” or “she hurled.” I always corrected her, but I giggled a lot inside when she said the wrong word. Is that mean of me? Anyway, after a couple of tries today, she started saying “hollered.” I was really proud of her for getting it right! I will, however, miss my inner chuckles … I know, mean, right?

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Earthworms: One Good Memory and One Not So Good Memory

I saw two earthworms in the parking lot at work today. Those two earthworms brought to mind two very different memories.

I’ll start with the Not So Good memory:

During my time at North Greenville, I learned that a lot of rain equalled a lot of earthworms. I was walking across campus one evening during a particularly rainy period of time. It was REALLY rainy, so that meant there were a TON of earthworms! There were so many earthworms that I had to jump all over the place so my feet had somewhere to step that there wasn’t an earthworm! GROSS! I almost cried! It was a horrible experience, but I’m sure I experienced personal growth from it somehow … I’ll get back to you on that one. :O)

Now the Good memory:

When Joel, Shana, and I were growing up (well, I was pretty close to grown up at this point), there was a Sega in our house. One of the games we enjoyed playing was Earthworm Jim. It was awesome! I miss that game! Throughout the game, Earthworm Jim would yell, “HAM!” We thought that was great! So we would yell “HAM!” from time to time. It was awesome! Then one day, we realized he wasn’t saying “HAM!”

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Spring Feels Different

Have you ever noticed that spring FEELS different? Of course, there is the obvious atmospheric difference because the temperature is warmer, but there’s more to it. Spring feels different to me on a lot of different levels.

My pants feel different. What? That’s right, my pants feel different. The way the material feels on my skin is different. This isn’t the first year I’ve noticed that. It could be because I’m wearing sandals rather than boots, but the difference is there nonetheless.

The air around me feels different. I notice this particularly in the evenings, but also on spring afternoons. Maybe it’s because it gets dark later, but the air feels different, lighter maybe, when I’m sitting in my apartment on spring evenings. It feels less oppressive, more hopeful, like I could actually accomplish something if I chose to.

My bed feels different. Perhaps this can be contributed to the temperature difference. I haven’t started wearing different pajamas, so I don’t think this is the same as my pants feeling different. My sheets actually feel different to me.

Perhaps I’m just different in the spring. Maybe I’m coming to life. I feel cooped up, oppressed, even depressed in the winter. I thrive in the spring. It is a time filled with new life, hope, and possibilities. It is an ever present reminder that I once was dead in sin, but Christ gave me new life. Maybe that’s why I feel different. :O)

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Still Chillin’ in Conway

I had so much fun with Amy this evening! It was really refreshing to be with a friend and spend the evening laughing. One of the things I love about being friends with Amy is that I laugh almost nonstop when we’re together. She’s going to post some pictures that we took while we were in Walmart (we spent 2 hours in Walmart!). I’ll swipe one and share it with you.

I mentioned that Shana and I are taking pictures in the morning. I also mentioned that I suggested that we go watch the sunrise over the river. Shana was totally up for it! Then she had a great idea … watching the sunrise over the ocean! So, I’m planning on picking her up between 6:15-6:30 so we can watch the sunrise over the ocean! If I get some good pictures, I’ll share them with you.

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